It was night when I located accommodations in the picturesque village of Manitou. Nestling at the foot of the reduced mountains that create the walkway to Pike’s Peak. Early the next early morning I was out for a stroll along the bush-fringed hill brook which had babbled me a serenade all night. To my delight, the location was raging with birds. The first to greet my robins. Catbirds summer season warblers. every one of which well know in the East, require no summary. Yet are pointed out here just to reveal to the reader. That some bird types are common to both the East and also the West.

Yet let me stop to pay a little homage to the take on robin redbreast.

Obviously, here he is called the “western robin.” His distribution is a fascinating scientific truth. I found him everywhere– on the arid plains and mesas, in the austere pines of the deep gulches and passes. And amongst the scrawny trees approaching timber-line, over ten thousand feet over sea-level.

In Colorado, the robins are designated as “western,” kinds by the system-makers. Although called by a modified title, they deport themselves. Construct their nests, as well as sing their “cheerily, cheerily, cheer up”. Equally as do their siblings as well as sisters of the land towards the rising sun. If there is any distinction, their songs are not so loud and also ringing, as well as their breasts not quite so ruddy as are those of the eastern types. Maybe the perpetual sunlight of Colorado whitens out the colors rather.

Yet in my ante-breakfast walk at Manitou I quickly stumbled upon feathered complete strangers. What was this little square-shouldered bird that kept uttering a shrill scream, which he appeared to blunder for a song? It was the western wood-pewee. Instead of piping the pleasant, pensive “Pe-e-e-o-we-e-e-e” of the woodland bird of the Eastern States, this western swain persists in calling the modifications hr by hr upon that puncturing scream, which seems much more like a cry of distress than a song. At Buena Vista, where these birds are superabundant, their early morning concerts were favorably agonizing. Some state, nevertheless, in defense of the western wood-pewee– he suggests well.